Hvil® supports 3-year sleep project

By Mieke van Leeuwen

Since Monday, August 8, 2022, students in grades 7-10 at Th. Langs Skolen in Silkeborg, Denmark, will be allowed to sleep one hour longer in the morning for the next three years.

The sleep project will investigate how an extra hour of sleep can contribute to better well-being and learning among pupils.

Here, Hvil® can help provide data driven insights into how students sleep and how an extra hour of sleep affects them during the day.

Teenagers have a greater need for sleep
With the start of school, there has been an increased focus on the importance of sleep among teenagers for better well-being and learning. 

Teenagers biologically undergo a shift in their circadian rhythm similar to that of a B person. This means that teenagers typically function best later in the day and in the evening hours, when their parents may think it's time to go to bed. 

So, if you're 18 and go to bed at 22:00, it may take a few hours to fall asleep because your brain isn't tired yet. In other words, teenagers get tired later than the rest of us, which means they benefit greatly from sleeping an extra hour in the morning. 

Curious about working with Hvil®?
Hvil® is a solution that can be used by organisations that want to help their students, employees, patients or citizens get better and more sleep. 

If you want to know how your organisation can use Hvil® to identify, evaluate or anchor your sleep project, please contact us at info@hvil.dk.