Digital Youth Program

There is a strong link between sleep, health and well-being. And we all know that sleep is important for children and young people's concentration, memory and learning ability, as well as their ability to participate in the social classroom community. That's why we have developed Hvil® for young people.

Wellbeing through sleep

Sleep is a growing problem among young people, with approximately 25% of 15-25 year olds struggling with sleep on a daily or weekly basis. We want to change this trend and invite you to join us on the journey.

Sleep affects our mood, energy levels and ability to cope with stress. Lack of sleep can lead to irritability, anxiety and even depression. It can also affect their ability to regulate emotions and make healthy decisions.

By prioritizing wellbeing through sleep, schools can help ensure children and young people get the rest they need, contributing to their physical and mental wellbeing.

It's an investment in the next generation and their ability to thrive both at school and in their personal lives.

Hvil® puts sleep on the class' timetable

Your students can easily download and get started with Hvil®. The app provides a great introduction to the basic theory of sleep and helps young people complete their sleep diary.

Sleep diary

The sleep diary consists of a series of daily questions that provide insights into the evolution of your sleep over time.

From insight to action

This data can be accessed by the school in anonymized form, providing a good starting point for addressing sleep and well-being and initiating any new initiatives. At the same time, it will be possible to track the development of young people's sleep quality over time.

With this project, I've become aware of how little I sleep. And I'm better at not looking at a screen before I go to bed.


I realized that I wasn't sleeping enough based on my low scores in the app. Now, I care more about whether I'm getting enough sleep, and I can feel that I am fresher and more rested.


I still go to bed at 10 pm. But now, I turn of my phone an hour before bedtime, which I didn't do before.


I now go to bed at 9:30 pm instead of 10 pm and wake up in the morning feeling rested.


I really feel like I'm making an effort now that I've actually gotten some sleep


I feel like you're in a much better mood when you arrive, and maybe it's because you've had the sleep you need


You learn more because you are more fresh (...) and you can remember what you learn.


My parents think I'm much happier and feel better that way.


We have more energy for each other (in class) and our social battery is recharged


Before the Hvil® app, it was hard to concentrate in the morning because you had just gotten up and then you're sitting in class. But with the app, I think it's gotten better because you can concentrate in class.


Knowledge is the key to good sleep

Hvil® Youth Program provides young people with fundamental knowledge and understanding of sleep and why sleep is essential for their physical and mental well-being.

The youth learn about creating a conducive sleep environment, receive assistance in cultivating bedtime thoughts, and gain access to a digital sleep diary, empowering them to take responsibility for their own sleep while monitoring how their sleep patterns evolve over time

4-week program

The Hvil® Youth Program includes information specifically selected and presented with a focus on the target audience, which is young people in lower secondary classes.

The program spans approximately 4 weeks and comprises daily activities to maintain the youths' focus on sleep and provide assistance for behavior changes if needed.

Each activity is brief and quick to complete, taking no more than 5 minutes.

Learning platform at eye level

Hvil® Youth Program is an interactive sleep coach and learning platform where young individuals are educated on the importance of sleep.

The program is built upon daily activities that encompass sleep-related information, exercises, and quizzes presented through a combination of easy-to-read text, graphics, and audio exercises.

Effective information at the right time

With Hvil® each student can follow their own pace and complete the activities when they want.

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