Getting started with Hvil®

When you download Hvil®, you're taking your first step towards good sleep.

With the sleep diary, you can examine how effectively you sleep every day and gain insight into which aspects affect your sleep quality.

With a personal sleep program, you get daily activities and guidance on how to improve your habits and environment to support more and better sleep.

Get started. Download Hvil® for free today.

The initial steps

1. Download Hvil®
Hvil® is available for both Android and iPhone smartphones. You can now install Hvil® for free in the App Store and in Google Play.

2. Create user or log in
You can create a new user, or log in if you already have a user. Currently, the app has limited access for Danish citizens.

3. Access to sleep diary
Once you have created a user, you get direct access to your sleep diary.

4. Access to sleep program
Once you have created a user, you will be able to subscribe to the premium feature that includes the personalized sleep program.

With a sleep program, Hvil® coaches you to better sleeping habits through an intensive sleep program.

Without the sleep program, Hvil® still has a lot to offer, and our data shows that many also experience a positive development in their sleep when using the sleep diary alone.

5. Carry out your first activities
Once you have created a user in the app, you can start your first activities.

6. Hang in there!
Hvil® is a program, not a quick fix. It therefore requires hard work, but we do our best to support you along the way.