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Customized sleep programs for both adults and youth

Hvil® is a mobile-based application that contains knowledge about sleep, relaxation exercises, and a digital sleep diary. The user thereby gains unique insight into their own sleep history, sleep habits, and sleep development.

Hvil® offers customized sleep programs tailored to both adults and youth

Digital Sleep Dairy

A Sleep Diary is a valuable tool that can assist you in identifying and understanding the reasons behind poor sleep. It's an essential part of working towards better sleep quality.

In Hvil®, you'll encounter the Sleep Diary through daily morning and evening check-ins. These check-ins help you record your sleep habits and provide you with insights into your sleep patterns. Every 7th check-in rewards you with a Hvil® Score, reflecting your sleep quality and allowing you to track your progress.

Additionally, Hvil® offers a range of specially designed programs, including an evidence-based Sleep Program for individuals aged 16 and above, as well as a unique Youth Program tailored for adolescents aged 13-18.

Digital Sleep Program

Digital Sleep Program is targeted towards individuals aged 16 and above. The sleep program is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy and aims to assess, screen, and improve the user's sleep. The program is tailored to the user, enabling them to make changes in the factors contributing to poor sleep, ultimately helping the user sleep more and better.

Digital Youth Program

Digital Youth Program is designed for individuals aged 13-18. This program is structured as an educational course, helping young people understand their sleep, its influences, and equipping them with tools to establish new habits for the sleep they need to learn and thrive. The educational course consists of four themed weeks: Sleep Environment, Screen Time, Mindset, and Sleep as a Superpower, each containing a variety of activities and fun quizzes.

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