What is Hvil®?

The right tool for better sleep

Sleep optimization at hand

Hvil® is your key to achieving deeper and more satisfying sleep. With Hvil®, you have your own personal sleep coach to guide you towards better sleep habits.

Whether you struggle to fall asleep, wake up during the night, or simply want to improve your overall sleep quality, Hvil® can help you achieve your goals.

Hvil® gives you insight into how you sleep and helps you understand what affects your sleep. By measuring, screening and analyzing your sleep habits, you can identify the areas that need improvement.

Hvil® offers evidence-based programs for both adults and adolescents.

Our goal is to help you thrive and perform your best in everyday life through better sleep.

Digital Sleep Dairy

The sleep diary is a central part of Hvil®, no matter what program you are in.

The sleep diary is a valuable tool that can help you identify and understand the causes of your sleep problems. You do this through a daily morning and evening check-in, so you can track your sleep from day to day.

At every 7th check-in, you will be assigned a Sleep score, which is an expression of your general sleep quality, so you can continuously track your sleep development.

Reflecting on your own sleep is a crucial part of working towards better sleep quality.

Digital Sleep Program

Digital Sleep Program is targeted at individuals aged 16+. The sleep program is based on cognitive behavioral therapy and aims to measure, screen, and improve the user's sleep.

Digital Youth Program

The Digital Youth Program is aimed at individuals aged 13-18. This program is structured as an educational course designed to help young people understand their sleep, so they can get the sleep they need to learn and thrive.